A chance for all
For Terre des Hommes, the private sector is a partner which respects the rights of children
Children's rights
On the Theory of Change of Terre des Hommes, the private sector has a special role to play: as a strategic partner which respects the rights of children
Terre des Hommes firmly believes that all children deserve a decent life and should grow up to be independent adults. One of our strategies in the Philippines is to partner with local organizations to influence in the private sector so they can provide employment opportunities for marginalized beneficiaries from disadvantaged communities.
Terre des Hommes and its partners tie up with companies that have a heart to accept our beneficiaries for employment opportunities with negotiated qualifications.


Local initiatives like promoting meeting with food chains have a direct impact on both beneficiaries of our programs and in other private companies.
This is the way Terre des Hommes is creating ambassadors from the private sector that can advocate among other colleagues like our partner restaurant owners who are influencing in other restaurant-owner friends to accept Terre des Hommes’ beneficiaries in any job vacancies in their company.
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