The true meaning of Social Corporate Responsibility
Terre des Hommes is actively engaging companies to ensure respect for children’s rights
Children's rights
Necitas “Boboy” Abenoja is a member of a well-known and most active social-civic-business owners’ organization in Ormoc City in the Philippines.
As one of the board of directors member, Boboy represents the organization in the Gender Equality Network of Ormoc City.
Boboy’s involvement in social activism began in 1992 when he started his water refilling business. He said that other than just managing the business, he also wanted to engage himself to volunteer to contribute to Ormoc society.
Aside from financial support, Boboy’s organization also conducts fundraising activities to build Ormoc City a child labor free, safe and nurturing environment for children, as their motto says “serving the children of the world”.


“Giving children food and school supplies is not enough”
Terre des Hommes and its partners in Ormoc City along with other local civil organizations are conducting orientations, seminars and trainings to raise awareness on child protection, and Boboy’s organization is a primal guest in these gatherings.
“Giving children food and school supplies is not enough” as he stated so his organization started to engage in child rights advocacy. Last year, the Kiwanis Club, Boboy’s organization, came up with a project called #iProtectChildren Child Rights Campaign.
The purpose of the initiative was to prevent child labor, human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse through active campaigning in the business and community education sectors.
In his parting message, Boboy shared that protecting the rights of children should be everyone’s concern, “the very reason why the title of the project uses the hashtag #iProtectChildren underscores the individual’s obligation on child protection.”
To showcase the private sector engagement in the promotion of their roles and responsibilities as individuals and influencing government on their accountability in building a sustainable, child friendly and gender fair city.
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