Chantha Chum. Project Officer WATCH Cambodia
“Sexual abuse through tourism has an effect on our communities”


Hello! My name is Chamta, I am a Social Worker working as a Project Officer for WATCH Cambodia program in Siem Reap, Cambodia. WATCH Cambodia is a program intended to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism in Cambodia. Tourism has an effect on our communities, and, through WATCH we’re combining Terre des Hommes fours Ps, prevention, promotion, provision and prosecution to stop child exploitation in Cambodia.

Low cost of travel, cheap prostitution and poverty make Cambodia a key destination for sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. The WATCH program tackles these issues from different perspectives. On the one hand we aim to provide legal advice and support to partners dealing with child victims and witnesses. 

Ensuring police procedures and legal processes are confidential, child-friendly and respect children’s rights is key. On the other hand, we’re developing a case management and referral system to collect data and better coordinate victim services and support. Child victims need support during and after the intervention and that’s what WATCH is doing. Lastly, we aim to carry out a research on risks related to the growth of Asian tourists in Cambodia. This is a big challenge for us as there’s little data about this trend.

“Sexual abuse through tourism has an effect on our communities. We’re working hard to raise awareness about this”

We are providing intervention services to child victims of sexual exploitation in travel and tourism in collaboration with our local partners and government agencies. At the same time, we’re tracking case management and building capacityof our local partners and communities through Awareness Raising Sessions.

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