What is the salary of the director of Terre des Hommes?

The gross annual salary of Terre des Hommes’ former general director, Albert Jaap van Santbrink, was EUR 116,751 for a 40-hour week employment in 2016.

Terre des Hommes is an idealistic foundation as well as a professional organisation. Van Santbrink is ultimately responsible for raising and carefully spending more than 21.4 million Euros, oversees 95 employees in the Netherlands and abroad, and collaborates with partner organisations in 25 countries and 2,064 volunteers.

About the Dutch Charity Association’s remuneration scheme

The Dutch Charity Association (Goede Doelen Nederland) has had a remuneration scheme for directors since 2005. This scheme is based on the Good Governance Policy (Code Goed Bestuur) for charities, as drafted by the Wijffels Committee, and takes the size and complexity of the organization into account. Please visit the Dutch Charity Association website for more information about the remuneration scheme. More information about Terre des Hommes’ personnel costs can be found online in the online Annual Report 2017.