Does Terre des Hommes bank at fair banks?

Within the scope of responsible financial management, we minimise risks by spreading our funds across different banks. These are all banks with at least an A rating and under supervision of the Nederlandsche Bank. Terre des Hommes operates in unstable areas. We work with ABN AMRO bank to get our funds to our partner organisations as ABN AMRO bank can process these bank transactions at acceptable fees. ABN AMRO is also the Dutch Charity Association’s (Goede Doelen Nederland) preferred supplier. Terre des Hommes has other bank accounts as well, this includes an account at Triodos Bank where donors can deposit their contributions: NL04 TRIO 0391 1901 99.

As a charity we set high standards for our suppliers. Therefore, we take a close look at our banking policy regularly. We realise that not all the banks that we work with score equally well on the Dutch Fair Bank Guide (Eerlijke Banken Wijzer). We are aware of the fact that there is substantial room for improvement for certain banks. The charity sector is actively involved in making financial products more sustainable. Terre des Hommes is collaborating with other charities to inform banks about their responsibility and to work with them to develop socially responsible products and services. It is our responsibility to do so. Turning our backs on the banks would not solve anything.