What is Terre des Hommes’ policy on staff expenses

It is Terre des Hommes’ goal to keep staff, including management, expenses to a minimum. For this reason, travelling via second class public transport and flying economy class are the standard. Expenses made by staff will only be reimbursed if the expenses made are deemed reasonable by the employer (or supervisory board when management is concerned) and sufficiently specified.

Our policy in short:

Travelling: Public transport 2nd class / economy class

Business trips are always planned as time- and cost-efficiently as possible. For domestic travel expenses, reimbursement includes public transportation fees, where 2 nd class travel is the standard, or EUR 0.29 per kilometer when an employee chooses to travel with his/her own car. For air travel, economy class is chosen exclusively.

Accommodation fees and other costs

Whilst on business trips, Terre des Hommes staff stay in simple to middle-class accommodations. The regional offices, that are well-informed about matters of security at destinations, provide advice to this end. Meals while travelling can also be claimed.

Commuter travel reimbursement

Commuter travel reimbursement is based on a scale applicable to all Terre des Hommes staff.