Level 1 certification for safeguarding children

As a member organisation of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation, Terre des Hommes Netherlands has been awarded Level 1 certification for safeguarding children following an assessment by the global child safeguarding movement Keeping Children Safe. An important milestone in our work as a child rights focused organisation dedicated to improve the lives of exploited children.

Child safe organisation

As a child-centred agency, child safeguarding is key for Terre des Hommes Netherlands. It refers to our internal measures - policies, procedures and practices - that are employed to ensure that an organisation itself is a child safe organisation. Terre des Hommes Netherlands strongly prioritises child safeguarding to ensure that no harm is done to any child by our and our partners’ staff, volunteers or those associated with us such as consultants and journalists.

Child Safeguarding Working Group 

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is part of the Child Safeguarding Working Group of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation (TDHIF). TDHIF has a strong child protection team of 11 specialists split between the member organisations Lausanne, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Geneva, Basel, France, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg and Canada, managed and assisted by TDHIF’s International Secretariat.

Strenghts in Child Safeguarding

Keeping Children Safe found that TDHIF’s child safeguarding work was strong in several areas:

  • A truly global child protection policy has been written and is available in different languages as well as materials for parents and children. There are procedures and guidance across the whole organisation. The policy is regularly reviewed and continually strengthened. 
  • TDHIF has developed a good set of training materials and always inducts new staff on child safeguarding.
  • Monitoring and review of child safeguarding takes place regularly, with active learning sessions.

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe promotes certification because it is the most effective way to help agencies achieve and demonstrate their commitment to keeping children safe. Keeping Children Safe is the only organisation that comprehensively covers all areas of child safeguarding.

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