Optimal tax benefit: now really easy with a periodic donation!

Nowadays, it is really easy to make your donations completely deductible from your taxable income. This way, you can help more children at no additional cost. There is no need for a notary. In addition, there is no minimum or maximum contribution to benefit from a maximum tax benefit.

Tax benefit!

Tax benefit! If you record your donation as a periodic donation, the tax authorities contribute up to 52% of your donation. Normally donations to charities are only tax deductible if they constitute more than 1% of your income. However, if you record your donation upfront as a periodic donation, all these donations are tax-deductible. The exact amount of your tax refund depends on your age and income. Calculate your refund with Gift calculator.

09105f0.jpg  Michiel de Jong, 30 years, primary school teacher: 

Engagement and a strong sense of justice are my motivations for

donating. As of the beginning of this year, I donate periodically to

Terre des Hommes. I increased my contribution but thanks to the

interesting tax benefit, it does not cost me extra money. It is also

fantastic that this can be arranged so easily.

Now very easy!

The only condition for a periodic donation is that you pay a fixed donation for at least five years and record this in a written agreement beforehand. Note: donations made before conclusion of the agreement, do not count as a periodic donation.

A written agreement with Terre des Hommes can be easily arranged by completing the form below. 

Download the Agreement periodic donation plus explanation here >>

Complete the form, sign it and send it by post to:

      Terre des Hommes,
      t.a.v. afdeling Donateursservice
      2506 WB Den Haag.

Within a few working days you will receive a signed copy back from us. We keep a copy of the document on record.

An xxample

A donor earning an annual income of € 30,000 donates € 100 to Terre des Hommes every year. This is too little for tax deduction. The donor therefore decides to support Terre des Hommes by making a periodic donation and he increases his donation to € 173 per year. As his income is subject to a tax rate of 42%, he receives a tax refund of € 73 because of his agreement. As a result, he still pays € 100 (net) per year, while Terre des Hommes can help more children.

How much do you donate extra for free?

Calculate how much you can donate extra for free >>

Every euro well spend!

Terre des Hommes has a so-called PBO status. This implies that as an official charity, Terre des Hommes does not pay taxes on your donation. Every euro that you donate to us is used directly to put an end to child exploitation.


Do you need help completing the agreement? Do you prefer to receive the form by regular mail? Or do you have additional questions about periodic donations? In case of questions, please contact our Donor Service. If you prefer to donate by notarial deed, for example for amounts as of € 1,000 per year, the Donor Service will also be pleased to help you.

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