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Child abuse in Asia

Many girls in Asia are violently abused. In many regions, it is practically the norm to marry children. Often child brides come to have children of their own. The problem repeats. This pattern stems partly from cultural customs that are difficult to change. But the main causes are poverty, lack of education, poor laws and inadequate regulation. We take a stand against child abuse in Asia. Children have the right to safety and to decide for themselves who can touch their bodies. These are universal children’s rights, agreed on by the UN.

We take a stand against poverty, lack of education, discrimination and harmful rituals.

Being a girl in the poorer parts of Asia is hard. People think girls have less value than boys. They are expected to just sit and listen. This often stems from the culture, and is accompanied by other harmful gender-based customs.

Many girls are forced to marry young. The idea is that they then get taken care of and their families have fewer money worries. These child marriages are often full of violence. Abuse is common.

Nor do the girls still go to school. Their development comes to a standstill. They stay dependent on their husbands. They cannot show resistance towards these men, though do not know how to resist anyway. 

Legislation is often difficult to understand and poorly enforced. Passing regulations to combat child abuse often gets bogged down for political reasons, which are tied to the culture.

We continue to take a stand against child abuse in Asia. We provide protection, education and medical help. We provide programmes that teach girls – and boys – more about children’s rights and empower them. 

Join our fight. Stop child abuse in Asia.

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Our fight against child abuse in Asia focuses on prevention of child marriages, protection against sexual abuse and prevention of violence against women and girls. Our goals are for:

At-risk children to be able to stand up for themselves more

Families and communities to protect and respect children’s rights.

Governments to protect children

Perpetrators to be punished

Organisations and companies to pay more attention to children and protect their rights.


We fight against child abuse in Asia in different ways. We ensure that children attend school no matter what. We help them to better resist violence. 

Victims of sexual abuse are often young married girls. We provide them medical and psychological care in a safe place. We help them return to school and in their dealings with the police.  

Through media, we inform families and communities about the harms of child marriages. We also involve governments and companies in our campaigns for better protection.

We are working on better registration systems that prevent girls from going missing. We encourage the formation of youth and women’s groups who can look out for and help each other. 

We train the police to better fight child abuse. We help victims file police reports more easily and provide legal support. Join our fight. Stop child abuse in Asia.

Our approach is working

We have worked hard to combat child abuse in Asia during the past years. The results are promising. But many more children still need help. Join our fight. Stop child abuse in Asia.



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