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Child trafficking in East Africa

In East Africa, child trafficking is practically the norm. Many parentless children roam the streets. Traffickers pick them up and force them into heavy, dangerous unpaid work. Parents with little income often give their children over to sweet-talking traffickers. They hope their children can then go to school and have better lives. Ultimately, these children become trapped. They are forced to work as house slaves, within the drug trade, in brothels and mines. We fight child trafficking in East Africa. We alert children and parents to its risks. We take actions with governments. We provide children more protection. We track down these children and provide a safe place, where they can relax. We help them go to school. We bring them back home if possible. We help their families earn better incomes.

Picked up off the street or given away by their families, children in East Africa are vulnerable

Many families in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda live in poverty. Parents are regularly propositioned by people, sometimes ones they know personally, to give away their children. In exchange, they are offered money and a better life.

These children disappear. They are forced to work as house slaves, within the drug trade or in a brothel or mine. The work is hard and unpaid. Many girls are abused.

Even parentless children are easy targets. They roam around seeking ways to survive. Traffickers pick them up and sell them like goods. They become invisible.

Governments and police rarely do much for these children. Families cannot improve their circumstances because they lack better incomes. We protect children in East Africa from child trafficking.

We help families earn more money. This way their children can continue living at home and go to school. We track down children who are being exploited. We offer them help in a safe place. 

We train companies, police and governments to recognise and protect these children. We take political actions to keep child trafficking on the agenda. Join our fight. Stop child trafficking.  

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We fight against child trafficking in East Africa in various ways. We educate children about dangers so they no longer fall pretty to traffickers’ tactics. 

We educate parents, families and communities on how to better protect children. We help families earn better incomes so their children can continue living at home. We track down children who roam the streets and are exploited for work. We bring them to a safe place. To more effectively find these children, we check along roadsides and at borders. If possible, we get them back home. For those who cannot return, we provide shelter. 

We provide medical and psychological help. If they file exploitation reports, we provide legal support. We ensure they can go to school so they can make more of their lives. 

We train police and government officials to better protect these children. We educate business employees, such as bus drivers, on how to recognise and help these children.

Together with local organisations, we are growing our network. This way our work has greater impact and we can help more children. Join our fight. Stop child trafficking in East Africa.

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