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Girls Advocacy Alliance

The Girls Advocacy Alliance is committed to fighting violence against girls and young women and increasing their economic participation in developing countries. Violence and economic exclusion are closely linked. Particularly due to child marriages, sexual violence, trafficking in women, and the worst forms of child labour, girls are dropping out en masse in secondary and vocational education. Their chances of ever getting a 'decent' job are minimal. And vice versa; without income and independence, they are more vulnerable to violence.

Latest news

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July 16th, 2020

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Within this alliance, Terre des Hommes focuses mainly on the themes of child trafficking and sexual exploitation, Plan Nederland focuses mainly on the lobby around child marriages and economic opportunities for girls and young women (education and work) and Defence for Children-ECPAT focuses on combating sexual violence and child abuse.

The local partners in the Girls Advocacy Alliance work on the themes in the following ways:

  • ensuring that influential leaders of the local community promote values and norms that put girls in a positive light and stimulate their development in society.
  • support civil society organisations and networks in the lobby to stop violence against girls and economic exploitation.
  • encourage the business community to actively work to combat violence against girls in their business chain by providing safe workplaces and better working conditions for girls.
  • advocate for more effective implementation of legislation and public policies to protect girls and young women and improve their economic position, in line with human rights conventions.

We fight child marriages, sexual violence and child labour

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that all children, wherever in the world, have the same rights. Yet a large proportion of girls in developing countries are disadvantaged and discriminated against. Child marriages, sexual violence, trafficking in women, child labour; it all causes girls to drop out en masse in secondary and vocational education. As a result, their chances of earning their own income later on become minimal. Without an income and independence, these girls and young women are more vulnerable to exploitation and violence. 

In the Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA), Terre des Hommes works together with the organisations Plan Netherlands and Defence for Children - ECPAT to eliminate violence against girls and young women and to strengthen their economic opportunities in society. The programme runs from 2016 - 2020 and is implemented in ten countries: Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines.


Through capacity support to local partners, strengthening networking, research and lobbying and advocacy, the three organizations in the GAA aim to achieve the following results by 2020:

Norms and values

Economic empowerment

Capacity building

Safe workplaces

Our approach is working

2020, the final year of the programme, is dedicated to sustaining the results achieved for girls and young women. In the programme countries and at international level. At the same time, we are working in the ten countries to expand and strengthen the partnerships and to further build the capacity of the (local) organisations involved, civil society, communities, religious and local leaders and, of course, the young people themselves. In this way, we will ensure that the position and rights of girls and women continue to improve beyond 2020.

Lobbying activities

National action plan

New policy

Codes of conduct

Development of legislative proposals

Tackling child marriages

Khalid Siddiqi

Programme Manager GAA

"There are now ifs and buts in human rights; those that speak out, should be able to do so and those who cannot speak out, deserve a voice. I have come to learn that for as long as there is one who is marginalised, exploited or oppressed, we cannot speak of justice or equality. It is none of us until all of us." Contact Khalid: k.siddiqi@tdh.nl
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