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Humanitarian aid

Wars or natural disasters also affect children. These children face fear, hunger, violence or diseases and are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Terre des Hommes therefore also provides emergency aid, focusing on providing care and protection to children and their families.

Carla Lovato

Humanitarian Aid Coordinator

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The cause of emergency situations for which Terre des Hommes offers humanitarian aid usually concern natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, or acts of war like in the Middle East, the Ukraine and South Sudan. However, medical emergencies may also constitute grounds for action, such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. During times of crisis, Terre des Hommes works quickly to provide life-saving assistance to children and their families.

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Children fleeing war, natural disaster or another crisis are highly vulnerable to exploitation, such as child labour and trafficking. In crises, people are simply trying to survive. Protection is scarce. Violence, hunger and other dangers lurk. Children are more easily exploited. 

This is why our emergency aid is rapid. We provide a safe place and medical help. We ensure that children can still go to school. We believe that all children - also in emergency situations - have the right to be protected. That is why we work fast to support them. We always try to work together with other, local organizations.

We fight child exploitation even in the midst of chaos. Join our fight. Help us ensure our humanitarian aid comes in time for the next crisis.   

What we do

The approach taken by Terre des Hommes is aimed at prevention of exploitation, child protection, education and health care. 

    What does Terre des Hommes do?

    Terre des Hommes offers child friendly spaces where children can play, and express and process their traumas under professional guidance and in a safe environment. The children learn about children’s rights, as well as practical issues such as hygiene. Psychosocial support is always available. If necessary, children and their parents are referred to professional psychological treatment. Terre des Hommes also provides information to parents and caregivers regarding children’s rights or issues such as nutrition and hygiene.

    Depending on the situation, the first priority may be to provide children a safe haven by for example (re)building schools, or (re)building wells or medical dispensaries.

    Stronger together

    Working with other organisations is crucial in an emergency. Cooperation helps us deploy our emergency aid as quickly as possible. Often these partners are local organisations that well know their communities. 

    In the Netherlands, we work with partners through the Dutch Relief Alliance and we participate in joint-appeals humanitarian foundation Giro555. We share knowledge and resources within our Terre des Hommes International Federation. In times of need, we stand stronger together. Join our fight.


    Medical crises, wars, natural disasters… we provide children emergency aid and protection worldwide. No matter its form, a crisis requires rapid action.

    We responded to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. We brought emergency aid to hurricane victims in the Philippines. And flood victims in Indonesia, Bangladesh, India and Tanzania. We provided protection to children fleeing wars in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, South Sudan, Ukraine and Syria. And to boat refugees from Myanmar.

    In these situations, emergency aid aided us in fighting child exploitation. Join our fight. 

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