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Stop child labour in mica mining belt India

Mica is a raw material that is widely used in our daily products, such as cars, laptops and make-up. It has a nice shine, is heat resistant and insulates electricity well. Most mica comes from India. Many children work in illegal mines there. They are poorly paid and the work is dangerous and unhealthy. Quite often they no longer go to school. We fight against the exploitation of children in the mica mines. With information, education and help to the community to earn more money. So that the children have a better future.

Maggie de Jongh-Abebe

Program Manager Mica

Children play a critical role in global sustainable development. Children should work in (school)books, not mines. Join us to eradicate child labour!

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Jharkhand in India accounts for nearly 25% of the world’s mica supply. There are a few legal mines there, but most of it is mined illegally. Often by children under 14 years of age. Their parents are poor and need the extra money to make ends meet.

 Families in the mica belt depend solely on the mineral for their livelihood. Lack of an organised supply chain has led to labour exploitation and families get bare minimum wages. As a result, children are forced to work, and are out of school.

The working conditions are hazardous with children having to go down into dark pits and extricate mica. Lack of additional livelihood opportunities makes the families remain poor and vulnerable.

The dust that is released when mining mica affects the lungs. Many accidents happen in and around the pits. Debris is splashed around. The children often have little or no protection.

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Our sustainable approach focuses on training children as change makers. We train children to identify and stop child labour and other forms of child exploitation. Additionally, we create a conducive learning environment in schools, provide study materials and bicycles to ensure children remain academically engaged. Families also access a revolving fund with which they invest in income generation activities. This increase in income helps them provide better for their children's health and education.


We take children out of child labour and empower them through quality education, training on child rights and protection. We also ensure additional income generation for their families.



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