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WATCH Nederland

Sexual exploitation of children in the Netherlands is an increasing problem. Even though the police and judiciary are highly motivated to tackle this problem, they often lack the tools, jurisdiction and/or manpower to check up on all leads or to take pre-emptive measures. Therefore Terre des Hommes will initiate – based on the successful handling of child sex tourism in Asia – ‘Watch Nederland’ a special operational observation unit that will not only pursue leads but also proactively seek (potential) exploiters in both the physical and virtual world.

Jasper Iking

Programme Manager WATCH NL

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Any minor can become a victim of sexual exploitation by a loverboy. This is a serious form of trafficking in human beings, with serious consequences. It often starts 'innocently' with online seduction. The victim is not immediately aware of what is happening. Loverboys use seduction, blackmail and threats. In a very short period of time they get a full grip on a victim.

WATCH Nederland is committed to stopping this. Anyone can safely report suspicions of sexual exploitation. Every report is seriously investigated. By a professional team, without anyone noticing. In this way, we have already helped several young people and, together with the police, unmasked perpetrators.

WATCH Nederland makes it difficult for perpetrators. We use lure ads and lure profiles to expose human traffickers. And we let potential clients know that sex with minors is punishable. In this way we prevent more victims from falling.

WATCH Nederland works preventively to teach young people to recognise the dangers of human trafficking.

Report to WATCH Netherlands


At WATCH Nederland, parents, carers, family, friends, acquaintances and anyone else who suspects that a minor is a victim of a loverboy can share their signals. The observation and action unit of WATCH Nederland monitors signals and conducts research into loverboy practices both online and offline.

Investigate and report

Cooperation with National Police

Discourage and unmask

Create awareness


The goal of WATCH Nederland is to work with parties involved to stop commercial, sexual exploitation of minors in the Netherlands, just as Terre des Hommes does in other parts of the world. 

  • Reports of potential victims are investigated and, if there is sufficient evidence, handed over to the police;
  • Clients are warned by means of lock-in advertisements;
  • Loverboys and human traffickers are traced via web crawlers and passed on to the police.

Partners of WATCH Nederland

Together with experienced partners we are working towards a world without child exploitation, where young people can feel safe today and better about tomorrow. Join our fight.

The Dutch National Police

Human trafficking specialists

ICT companies

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