How we work

Our approach

Because we want to stop child exploitation in a structural manner, we do not only help victims but also tackle the problem at its roots. Our approach consists of the five P's: Prevention, Provision, Prosecution, Promotion of children's rights and Partnership/Participation. 

Prevention: poverty reduction


To prevent child exploitation, we invest in education, but also in raising awareness among children and adults. And because poverty is the main reason for child exploitation, we also offer parents the opportunity to increase their incomes via savings and credit groups. Terre des Hommes is investing strongly in teaching and education to both children and adults to prevent child exploitation. Poverty is the main cause of child exploitation which is why we offer parents the opportunity to increase their income through savings and credit groups.

Provision: Protection


Children who are victim of exploitation, need protection. We provide shelter, health care, counselling and education and help them build a new future. We also offer help to family members and involve the community in protecting children. Children who are victim of exploitation need protection. We provide shelter, medical care, therapy and education. We help the children to build an independent future and coach family members. We also involve communities in a sustainable way in protecting these children.

Prosecution: Legal aid


It is important that victims can stand up for themselves and perpetrators are not allowed to escape justice. We thus help children to report cases to the police. They can also count on legal assistance and help during the criminal prosecution. We also train local police and justice. 

Promotion: Lobbying


We stand up for children’srights.We campaign to raise awareness of children’s rights and conduct research to identify and call attention to trends and developments in child exploitation. Furthermore, we follow and influence decision-making of local and national governments, businesses and international organisations (like the UN) and advocate for the implementation of these decisions. To prevent children from being exploited and to ensure victims of exploitation receive adequate help.

Partnership & Participation


We strengthen civil society in the promotion of child rights as a precondition to ensure children are protected. We invest in the organisational and institutional development ofsouthern civil society organisations. Terre des Hommes cooperates with civil society to ensure children's rights are implemented in a sustainable way in society. In order to protect children in a responsible way, we invest in the organisational and institutional development of social organisations.

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