The Dark Side of the Internet for Children - Online Sexual Exploitation in Kenya


The rapid growth of internet use in Kenya brings children lots of possibilities, such as easier access to information. The flipside however is that at the same time chances for online sexual abuse increase. To establish the scale and the forms of Online Child Sexual Exploitation in Kenyan, Terre des Hommes Netherlands embarked on a rapid assessment. The research demonstrates that Online Child Sexual Exploitation occurs in Kenya. To prevent that this phenomenon further grows and children in Kenya become victims on a large scale, it is important to act qucikly. Please download the full research report to learn more.

Please note: the study quoted in this report as Terre des Hommes Netherlands (2013). Context analysis and Baseline Survey on Child Exploitation in The Coast Region of Kenya (citation 64 on page 17) is not publicly available. Please contact the East Africa regional office for any clarifications needed.

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