Yes, I want to stop child labour in East Africa


Stop child labour in East-Africa

Armed with pickaxes, children go down into the deep mineshafts looking for gold. Above ground, in the blazing sun, children lug heavy bags or process mercury with their bare hands. Musa (15) is one of them. For ten hours every day, he crushes gold ore with a heavy hammer in a gold mine in Tanzania. Musa: “I work seven days a week. Some days my entire body aches. I then stay home for one or two days to rest but then I have to go back to work again, otherwise we have nothing to eat."

Thousands of children exploited in mines and as domestic slave

In East Africa, 15 million children like Musa go to work instead of going to school. The work that is done by 5% of these children concerns the worst forms of child labour. They are forced to work in gold mines or as house slaves for families. Their working conditions are exhausting, unhealthy and often dangerous.

Your invaluable support

Terre des Hommes protects children like Musa. We take care of them, make sure they can go to school and help families to increase their earnings. We provide information and training to police and judicial authorities and lobby public bodies to enforce legislation.

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