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Stop sexual exploitation of children in Asia

When Jovay from the Philippines was ten years old, one of her aunts recruited her for webcam sex. She was brought to a neighbour who forced her to webcam sex. The little girl had to perform dreadful acts in front of the camera. Jovay could be freed thanks to her grandmother, who took care of Jovay and her brothers and sisters after the loss of their parents. Jovay is a textbook example of a vulnerable girl that was recruited for webcam sex.

Child sex tourism and online child abuse

Child sexual abuse is increasing in Asia. Through the internet and on site, in which case child sex tourists are the perpetrators. Both kinds of abuse are integrally connected. Online sex tourists can easily establish contact with children and gain their trust (‘grooming’) before visiting them at their destination. And vice versa: after their holidays, tourists can continue to abuse children online via live streaming and develop and view child pornography.

Your invaluable support

Terres des Hommes protects children like Jovay. We take care of victims, educate children and their families and offer legal assistance to victims. We provide training to the police and judicial authorities, collaborate with companies in the travel and tourism sector and lobby governments for better legislation and enforcement thereof. We cannot do that without your support.

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