Yes, I want to help stop sexual exploitation of children in East-Africa


Stop sexual exploitation of children in East-Africa

Young girls living on the Kenyan coast often see no other way out of extreme poverty but to sell their bodies to tourists. Siti (17) was one of them. "There was nothing here, no money for school fees, sometimes there was not even money for food. My friends said." Let's go to the beach you can pick up a tourist and make some money." I started when I was 16. I quit school and went there every night. I visited clubs and bars. There I met my clients. All the girls in the clubs are on the game, you only go there for that reason."

Sexually exploited in exchange for clothing and shelter

In East Africa, more and more children like Siti are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. They work in the sex industry, they are forced into child pornography and webcamsex. In return for this they, or their families, receive  money, clothing, shelter and protection.

Your support is invaluable

Terre des Hommes defends these children. We extract children from exploitative situations and help them go to school. We help families by to increase their income. We identify perpetrators and offer children and their families legal assistance. We provide information and lobby government agencies, so that legislation is complied with. We train police and judicial authorities to better detect and prosecute perpetrators.

To do this your we need your help. Help children like Milembe, stop sexual exploitation of children. Donate Now!

*to protect victims of sexual exploitation we do not portray them recognizable







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