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On the walls at our headoffice in The Hague it says: "A world in which children are no longer exploited. We will continue our work until this is accomplished." Are you joining us with your support? Child exploitation is unacceptable. What can you do?


Doneer nu Terre des Hommes

Your donation makes a difference. With your support we can stop the exploitation of children and give them a future. 

Schenken met belastingvoordeel aan Terre des Hommes

Through a periodic gift you can now easily make your donations fully tax-deductible. A notary will not be necessary and no minimum contribution applies. In this way you can contribute even more to put a stop to child exploitation.

Help kinderen wereldwijd, neem Terre des Hommes op in uw testament

If you make a will, you decide what happens to your money. You will have to think about what you want to pass on and to whom. Of course you will include your loved ones in your will, but we hope that you will also have room for the work done by Terre des Hommes Netherlands to stop child exploitation.