Your legacy for the future of children

You might have considered including a charity such as Terre des Hommes in your will. Donations are of great importance to Terre des Hommes. As a foundation, we rely on the contributions of our donors.

Would you like to include Terre des Hommes in your will?

You can have a notary draw up a will, so you decide for yourself what happens to your money after you die. You can choose to not only bequeath to your family, but also to Terre des Hommes. The advantage of this type of donation is that Terre des Hommes can use your whole donation to stop child exploitation. This is because Terre des Hommes is a public benefit organisation (algemeen nut beogende instelling, ANBI), which means we do not have to pay tax. 

There are two ways to include Terre des Hommes in your will:

  • Heir 
  • Legacy 

If you include Terre des Hommes in your will, we will receive as (shared) heir a part of the inheritance. You can also choose to leave Terre des Hommes a legacy: a fixed amount, a securities portfolio, a house or a valuable object such as a painting.

How can you bequeath to Terre des Hommes? 

If you want to include Terre des Hommes in your will as an heir or a legatee, you should make an appointment with a notary (you can find a notary near you on Your notary discusses your wishes with you, explains all legal matters and then captures your wishes regarding your legacy in a will. It is a good idea to be well prepared for this appointment. For instance, knowing who you want to leave what beforehand and whether you want to include a legacy. Would you like to exchange thoughts about this with Terre des Hommes? Please fill out this form and we will be happy to contact you.

What is your legacy used for by Terre des Hommes?

With your donation you contribute significantly to reaching our goal: a world without child exploitation. Terre des Hommes aims for all children to have decent living conditions and to be able to grow up into independent adults. We use your donation to fight against child exploitation focussing on these themes: child labour, child trafficking, sexual exploitation of children en child abuse.   

During the seventies I worked as a volunteer for Terre des Hommes in Africa for six months. That was a very impressive period for me. I remained a donor all this time and the organisation never disappointed me. Terre des Hommes is in my heart for eternity. This is why Terre des Hommes is in my will.

A donor, 73 years old

Would you like to learn more about bequeathing to Terre des Hommes?

Then please fill out this form. We will be happy to contact you. We can answer all your questions and tell you more about ways to arrange your legacy in a personal conversation.

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