More children than ever need our emergency aid badly, anywhere in the world. These children are faced with fear, hunger, violence or disease caused by wars or natural disasters. In severe situations like this, there is no time to lose and every minute counts. For this reason, Terre des Hommes provides support in various countries in the world to save lives and support children and their families.



What does Terre des Hommes do?

The cause of emergency situations for which Terre des Hommes offers humanitarian aid usually concern natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, or acts of war like in the Middle East, the Ukraine and South Sudan. However, medical emergencies may also constitute grounds for action, such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

  • prevention; 
  • education; 
  • healthcare; 
  • protection of extremely vulnerable groups of people, especially children. 

Where does Terre des Hommes offer humanitarian aid?

Natural disasters, conflicts or war are often the immediate cause to offer humanitarian aid. Medical emergency situations can also give reason to Terre des Hommes to take action. In the last few years the humanitarian emergency team of Terre des Hommes took action for the victims of:

Stronger together for children!

Our philosophy in providing emergency relief is that we believe we can help more children by collaborating with other bodies. Only by joining forces as effectively as possible, we can optimise our support to the children who so desperately need it. Terre des Hommes carries out emergency relief projects in countries where we have already implemented projects or where our sister organisations are active.

Terre des Hommes is part of the Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties

Terre des Hommes is a permanent member of the Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties (SHO), this is a coalition of eleven Dutch charitable organisations that collaborate during humanitarian disasters under the name Giro555. Giro55 cooperates with Dutch tv and radio stations. Together we help to save lives.    

Terre des Hommes also works on:

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