Our programmes are implemented across three regions: Asia, East Africa and Europe. We always cooperate with local programme partners. These partners are closer to, and more aware of, the reality in their region. They understand the culture as well as the children and will find the best ways to reach them and offer them support. As a result, our programmes are in line with the needs of the local population. Our regional offices, and local staff, provide direct supervision and evaluation of the programmes. They support local partners to further professionalise their activities. 


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Chanvetey Vann
Regional Communication Officer Asia
Office Phnom Penh
+855 77 252 463 I +855 23 222 553

In Asia, Terre des Hommes Netherlands protects children by stopping child exploitation in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. We offer children who are victims of exploitation education, care, job opportunities, medical care and psychosocial support. We launch public and media campaigns to create awareness on the problem and carry out local research into the extent and nature of abuse and exploitation. We encourage children and their families to report abuse, offer legal assistance and social protection. By doing so, we offer underprivileged children good future prospects.


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Monique Janssens
Regional Communication Officer East Africa
Office Nairobi: +254 (0)722 209 581

In East Africa, Terre des Hommes Netherlands protects children against exploitation in Ethiopia, Kenya, TanzaniaUganda and South SudanOur East African programmes specifically focus on children who are victims or at high risk of child migration, trafficking and (commercial) sexual exploitation as well as the worst forms of child labour (in particular child domestic workers and children working in or around mining and oil/gas exploration areas). East African countries are amongst those with the highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. We are committed to protect girls from child marriage by giving them the chance to finish their education. In cooperation with governments, we strengthen local child protection structures, to create an environment in which children can grow up in safety.


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Liz van Velzen persvoorlichter Terre des Hommes

Liz van Velzen
Head office: 0031 (0)70 310 50322
Mobile: 0031 (0) 6 182 204 52


In Europe, Terre des Hommes Netherlands supports projects in the Netherlands and Italy. In the Netherlands, we cooperate with the Center for Child and Human Trafficking (CKM) in the field of child trafficking. In Italy, we are engaged in a joint action with our sister organisation to offer shelter to refugees from Syria and Lebanon.