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Money donated to a good cause needs to be disbursed well. As a charity, we are aware of the responsibility we have to spend our donors’ money carefully. That is why we use internal and external standards to guarantee the quality, integrity and effectiveness of our work. We intend to be fully transparent and accountable.

Code of conduct and guidelines
Code of conduct and guidelines

We use internal and external standards to guarantee the quality, integrity and effectiveness of our work. 

The duties and powers of the director and the Supervisory Board of Terre des Hommes Netherlands are therefore laid down in statutes.

In addition, we adhere to a Code of Conduct with several accompanying guidelines. As part of our social responsibility, Terre des Hommes is committed to a strong integrity policy.


Terre des Hommes Netherlands has the huge responsibility to ensure the safety of the children in our projects. An open and safe culture where children's and human rights are respected and promoted is paramount to us.

Integrity is closely related to ensuring a safe working environment and the safety of children, adolescents and adults in our projects. To secure integrity in our organisation, we have set up an Integrity Framework. Employees are regularly trained about integrity.

The Integrity Framework consists of the following Code of Conduct and guidelines:

Code of Conduct
Safeguarding Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Policy
Anti-Fraud Policy

Making a report: Speak Up!

Although integrity is key in our work, things can go wrong. For example, there could be abuse of power, fraud, corruption or sexual abuse. We would like to know of any (perceived) irregularity so that we can intervene and possibly prevent worse. Terre des Hommes Netherlands does not tolerate abuse of power, inappropriate behaviour, fraud or corruption. Disciplinary action will follow if there is evidence for such charges.

We have a reporting system with additional procedures for complaints and concerns from employees, partners or (young) adults in our projects. Our employees have an obligation to report (suspected) irregularities. We encourage partners and project participants to inform us as soon as possible if mistakes are made in our projects, in our business operations or at our partners.

Our Integrity & Compliance Team is specifically engaged with promoting integrity in the organisation and with reports of possible irregularities. Based on a strict protocol, this team coordinates the handling of each report. Confidentiality is paramount here. Each year, in our annual report we provide an overview of the number of reports and the type of cases.

Making a report

Reports of possible abuses can be made via the online Speak Up! System. This can also be done anonymously. Every report is taken very seriously.

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