Stop kinderarbeid in micamijnen Terre des Hommes India

Twenty thousand children work in micamines. They work long hours in dangerous conditions. Mica is used in gloss, car paints, cosmetics and other products. Find out how we stop this form of child labour.

Sweetie 2.0: webcamseks met kinderen de wereld uit Terre des Hommes

The year 2015 was marked by extensive cooperation and the further accumulation of knowledge and expertise enabling us to help a total of 428, 574 children. Read more.  

Doe mee met de Scheveningen Zandvoort strandmarathon en stop kinderuitbuiting wereldwijd Terre des Hommes

Building on the successful approach with the virtual girl Sweetie, Terre des Hommes Netherlands is developing a new advanced method to solve the problem of worldwide webcam child sex structurally. Read more