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Terre des Hommes has been fighting child exploitation since 1965. Get to know our organisation, volunteers and ambassadors. See who we are.

Active against child exploitation for over half a century.

Terre des Hommes Nederland has been fighting against child exploitation for 55 years. Worldwide. From deep in Asia to the Middle East and Africa, we stand up for the rights of the child. 

The name Terre des Hommes means people of the earth. It comes from the book of the same name by the Frenchman Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, pilot of a mail plane and writer in WWII.  

Through his work he saw a lot of the world and came to the conclusion: "there is no third world. There is one world and we are all responsible for it". 

It was with this in mind that the French journalist and pharmacist Edmond Kaiser founded Terre des Hommes in Lausanne. "Because every child has the chance to develop great talents, if it's well taken care of."  

In 1968 we started our programmes in East Africa from the Netherlands. We have also been active in Asia and the Middle East for many years. We now work in 18 countries. We help vulnerable children. We never look at faith, skin colour, gender or culture.

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Our people

Stefanie Verhoeven, vrijwilliger Terre des Hommes

Stefanie Verhoeven

"With every item I sell in the store, I can help children out of exploitative situations and give the items a second life, that's fantastic, isn't it?!"

Tineke Knoester, coördinator winkels & vrijwilligers Terre des Hommes

Tineke Knoester

"It is quite unique for a foundation: 43 Terre des Hommes shops can be found all over the country in the Netherlands. They are run entirely by volunteers, who are invaluable."

Roelof Hemmen - ambassador Terre des Hommes

Roelof Hemmen

“Rich men on the other side of the world forcing children to do things they shouldn’t. Those wretches,” he says. “Terre des Hommes is tackling such an insanely big problem. I am honoured to be its ambassador.”

Chankanha Lok, Communications Intern, Terre des Hommes

Chankanha LOK

"Terre des Hommes is where I started to discover my potential, with those potential I believe I can help children to discover their rights and fight for their rights."

Thangaperumal Ponpandi, Country Manager India, Terre des Hommes

Thangam Ponpandian

"With this unique program we uncover serious problems such as domestic violence, early school leaving, forced sex, health and reproductive issues, hard work and social isolation. But not only do we make the dangers of child marriages visible, we also offer concrete help".

Elisa Wubs, Mica Programme Coordinator, Terre des Hommes

Elisa Wubs

Child labour perpetuates poverty and denies children a childhood and a future. Small hands can hold a pen better than a pickaxe. End child labour!

Khalid Siddiqi, Programme Manager, Terre des Hommes

Khalid Siddiqi

"There are now ifs and buts in human rights; those that speak out, should be able to do so and those who cannot speak out, deserve a voice. I have come to learn that for as long as there is one who is marginalised, exploited or oppressed, we cannot speak of justice or equality. It is none of us until all of us."

United in one federation

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is a member of a network of eight national organisations working closely together. This Terre des Hommes International Federation consists of Terre des Hommes organisations in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. There is also the Terre des Hommes Foundation. 

Terre des Hommes was founded by Edmond Kaiser in 1960. At that time, war in Algeria meant that many children there received no help. Terre des Hommes started with providing medical care for children with tuberculosis. 

In 1966, Terre des Hommes groups from France, Germany and the Netherlands came together. Joining forces, they became the Terre des Hommes International Federation.

In this federation, each organisation develops programmes and fundraises in its own country. Yet, we always compare shared findings and ensure we do not duplicate work. Join our fight. Stop child exploitation. 

Our ambassadors

Terre des Hommes ambassadors are committed to fighting child exploitation. The celebrity spotlight they selflessly share calls the public’s attention to our cause. For their enthusiastic support, we thank Lucy Woesthoff, The 3JS, Roelof Hemmen and Thekla Reuten.


The Supervisory Board supervises the management and the general course within the organisation. The Board determines the main lines of Terre des Hommes' policy, supervises its implementation, acts as a sounding board and provides advice.

Our annual report

We think it's important to let you know what happens to donations. Through films, photos and written words, our annual report shows what we have achieved all year in the fight against child exploitation.

Codes of Conduct and Guidelines

When you give money to a good cause, you want to make sure that the money is well spent. As a charity, we are extra aware of the responsibility we have to spend the money carefully. That is why we use internal and external rules to guarantee the quality, integrity and effectiveness of our work and to be transparent in this.

The duties and powers of the director and the Supervisory Board of Terre des Hommes Nederland are therefore laid down in articles of association.

We also adhere to a number of codes of conduct and guidelines. As part of our social responsibility, Terre des Hommes is committed to a strong integrity policy.

Child Safeguarding Policy


Code of Conduct against Corruption, Bribery, and Fraud

Code of Conduct - Undesirable Behaviour

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