Terre des Hommes has been fighting for years against child abuse in Cambodja. But the rise in the number of tourists and the increase in access to the internet has caused the risk of child sex tourism to rise. With your support, we can guide the children of Cambodja to a safe future!

Child sex tourism in Cambodja

Children in lands like Cambodja are specially vulnerable to the risks of sex tourism. Due to the poverty, rich tourists seem like an appealing option to many. Children and families are often not aware of the dangers and the police does not have the man power to combat the problem. 

This is how we fight child sex tourism

With your donation we can fight child sex tourism in lands like Cambodja. We do this by: 

  • The tracing the culprits with the help of local researchers and informants. 
  • Offering good help for the victims through social workers and punishment procedures that are mindful of the victims. 
  • Supplying legal counselling for the victims.
  • Researching the nature and scope of sexual abuse.
  • Cooperating with the government to combat sexual abuse. 

With your donation you help us with this fight.


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