Selamawit is an 18 year old girl from Ethiopia. When she was only fifteen years old she lost her mother and was forced to quit school. To survive she was forced to start working as a prostitute on the streets of a town called Gondar. Thanks to a local child protection organisation her future looks much better now .   

Sexual exploitation

"My family lives in deep poverty. My father is jobless and my mother is selling a local brew. I went to school up the age 12, then I continued evening classes so that I could work daytime to support my family. When I was 15 years old, my mother fell ill and our family went without food. That is when I stopped school and started working on the streets of Gondar town at night. The work made me feel guilty and hopeless."

 I want to continue my education and become a successful business woman

Selamawit (18), from Ethiopia 

"After 1,5 years of working on the streets, I was indentified by the local child protection committee. I was sheltered in a safe home, where I was given counseling, medical care, and training in life and business skills. Meanwhile I went to a vocational training institute and became a barber. Together with one of the other girls from the safe home, I have started a barber shop. I am now in a stable situation, I can support my family and even save a little. I want to continue my education and become a successful business woman."

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