Parental guidance is the first primary education that a child should receive. Hanna, now fourteen, grew up without her mother’s presence and with a father who spent long hours working. Living on the street side of a market in Indonesia, Hanna was very vulnerable to exploitation, but she was rescued by Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ local partner.

Sexual exploitation

Lack of parental guidance

Hanna is the second child in the family. She lived with her parents in Dompo Village, Indonesia. Her mother left the family when she was two, letting her father taking care of the two young children alone. Hanna’s father was a pedicab driver with long hours on the road. The family lived near Jongke market, where Hanna and her sister spent time playing and running around with other children.

Becoming a victim of exploitation

When she was seven, she started attending school. But soon after that she stopped and started singing and helping sellers at the market for money. A few years later, seeing Hanna’s vulnerability, a woman approached her with the intention to convince her to work in prostitution. That was the moment when Hanna became a victim of child exploitation.

Through her work, she could save some money to purchase a mobile phone which was used to communicate with her clients directly. Each time, she earned between 20 to 35 Euro. She did not know about the risks and long-term consequences of her situation, the money helped her support her family.

Rebuilding life

Hanna was identified by KAKAK Foundation, a local partner of Terre des Hommes Netherlands working in Indonesia. To remove her from the exploitative situation KAKAK Foundation assisted in relocating her temporarily to a rehabilitation centre.

At the centre, Hanna received counseling to help her to cope with emotional turbulence - she realized that her childhood was robbed away from her and she was afraid that she would not be welcomed by her family and community. Group psychosocial activities helped Hanna feel accepted and hopeful to be back in the community.

After being monitored closely, Hanna’s family was well-prepared to welcome her back. The encouragement she received from her father was the most crucial element in rebuilding her life after the experience she went through. Instead of continuing formal education, Hanna was interested in acquiring vocational skills such as cooking, making handicraft and tailoring clothes.

I am determined to go back home and rebuild my life with my family.

Hanna (14) from Indonesia

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