588 former child labourers back to school

In the second half of 2016, Terre des Hommes has arranged for 588 former child labourers in East Africa to return to school. This is one of Terre des Hommes’ achievements in its fight against child labour in this region.

Child labour

One in four children is involved in child labour

For millions of children in East Africa, working is a daily reality. One in four children between the ages of 5 and 14 is involved in child labour within the agriculture, industry or service sectors. At the very least, this implies that their education is seriously hampered; often though these child labourers don’t attend school at all.

Children working as house slave or miner

In Uganda and Tanzania, Terre des Hommes is committed in particular to assisting thousands of children who are forced to work in small-scale mining or as a house slave in private homes. Their jobs are physically too demanding for their age and often life-threatening. In addition, they are often abused, sexually exploited and underpaid, if they get paid at all.

Programme against child exploitation

As of 2016, our programme against child exploitation in East Africa focuses on the worst forms of child exploitation. We help children who are exploited to stop working by arranging for them to receive training. Together with their parents or caregivers, we create alternative sources of income for the family, thereby ensuring that the children don’t have to work. We also teach police and judiciary staff, as well as other public authorities what child labour exactly entails and what can be done about it.

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Stop child exploitation


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