Collaboration to combat sexual exploitation of children in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a country with more than 17,000 islands and over 300 ethnic groups, the collaboration at national and local level is crucial to combat the sexual exploitation of children. Forging a fruitful collaboration between government, associations and private sector actors in travel, tourism, hospitality and media, has therefore become a very important strategy of the Down to Zero Alliance. The Down to Zero partner organisations included them in discussions and awareness raising training on the sexual exploitation of children. 

The Ministry of Tourism conducted the 'National Campaign on Tourism Safety' in the main tourist destinations. Training and workshops on prevention of sexual exploitation of children were conducted for employees of a number of Travel and Tourism private sector actors in Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam and Lombok. Amongst them were big hotel networks such as ACCOR, Hilton and the Golden Tulip Group, but also 17 local private sector actors consisting of guesthouses, homestays, massage parlours, karaoke and billiard cafés. Private sector actors committed to combating online child sexual exploitation in their business area by publicly displaying a plaque or banner demonstrating their policy to ban online child sexual exploitation from their premises.

Collaboration with hotels

In Jakarta, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel together with Yayasan Bandungwangi and Plan International Indonesia took care of survivors. They provided soft skills training for survivors and their parents and conducted an internship programme in the hospitality sector for survivors. Moreover, homestay places and hotels in Central Lombok have offered their premises to hold regular monthly meetings for members of the Community-based Child Protection Mechanism and Yayasan Galang Anak Semesta. Cooperation was also established with the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation in Lombok. They mainstreamed child protection in their blueprint.

Awareness campaigns

A recent collaboration between the Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies, members of a Community-Based Child Protection Mechanism and children’s groups in Central Lombok, led to a gala dinner where children performed a play about commercial sexual exploitation of children and child marriage situations in tourism. This is a child-led advocacy campaign to raise awareness of private sector actors on the importance of a massive movement to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children, particularly in areas of high tourism.

The Alliance also worked with media companies, including KompasTV and KBR in Jakarta, SBO TV and RRI radio in Surabaya in broadcasting commercial sexual exploitation of children issues to reach a wider public range.

Cooperation with the ICT-sector

Cooperation with the ICT private sector was also established through ECPAT Indonesia and an agreement with Google Indonesia and Ministry of Women Empowerment & Child Protection to conduct Trust & Safety in Prevention of online commercial sexual exploitation training, for civil society organizations and Community Groups in 22 Provinces in Indonesia.

The Alliance through ECPAT Indonesia was also been appointed by Youtube as the ‘Trusted Flagger’ on reporting child sexual abuse materials.

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