Collaboration with Kenyan police highlighted on Dutch national television

The Dutch television programme ‘Ellie Op Patrouille’ (Ellie On Patrol) featuring the unique collaboration between Terre des Hommes Netherlands and the police in Lodwar, Turkana, will be broadcast in The Netherlands on Tuesday 6 March 2018. In this area of Northern Kenya, Terre des Hommes Netherlands partners with the local police to fight against the sexual exploitation of children. This fruitful relationship with the Kenya police service was expanded into enabling the shooting of the Kenyan documentary.


Sexual exploitation

The TV programme  ‘Ellie Op Patrouille’ revolves around Dutch police woman and spokesperson Lt. Ellie Lust, who submerges herself into the police work of her police colleagues abroad. In this documentary series, Lt. Lust travels around the world, visiting one specific country in each episode to showcase the local police force’s commendable work by ‘going on patrol’ with them. In Kenya, Ellie sets out with the police and with Terre des Hommes Netherlands, in their joint fight against child prostitution.

Joint night outreach

Together with the Lodwar police, Ellie Lust provided the security backing to the Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ team of social workers during their night outreach. Night outreaches focus on identifying and carefully gaining trust of the children who are surviving on the streets, whereby mainly girls have to engage in transactional sex. In this way, the social workers prepare the children for more intensive support to get them out of their desolate situation. Ellie Lust also engaged with children at risk of sexual exploitation during a life skills workshop. She talked with these vulnerable girls about their relationship with the police. In addition, the Dutch police woman spoke with police officers, police informers and staff of Terre des Hommes Netherlands and our local partner organisation.

Approach to sexual exploitation in Northern Kenya

In Turkana, in the north of Kenya, sexual exploitation of children is a growing problem. Recent oil discoveries, economic growth and governmental decentralisation have led to an economic boost, attracting many male migrants who come looking for work. These fortune hunters often do not bring their families, which creates a demand for cheap sex and domestic labour. At least 1,500 to 2,000 girls between the ages of ten to eighteen are exploited in the local sex industry.

Sexual exploitation causes major physical, psychological and social damage to victims. They become traumatised and often suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives. That is why we tackle sexual exploitation in East Africa. Terre des Hommes rescues victims and protects them by giving them shelter and education. In addition, through education we prevent young girls being pushed into prostitution.

Now let’s help the others...

Children who are vulnerable to exploitation need protection and help. Together with our partners and stakeholders, such as the Kenyan police, and with help from our donors, we provide shelter, care and education. This has already assisted many children in Northern Kenya. Now let’s help the others… can we count on you?

Read more about our approach to sexual exploitation of children in East Africa >>

For viewers in the Netherlands only:

Watch the broadcast of  'Ellie on Patrol' in Kenya with Terre des Hommes Netherlands on Tuesday 6 March at 21.25 hours (NL time) on NPO 1 AVROTROS.

For viewers worldwide:

Watch the footage of Lt. Lust going on foot patrol in Nairobi where she meets with street children. 

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