Dutchman in Cambodia arrested for child pornography

With assistance from Terre des Hommes partner, Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) a 53-year-old Dutchman was arrested in Cambodia on suspicion of making child pornography.

Sexual exploitation

Two or three dollars for simple poses and four or five dollars for complicated poses, for example upside down or laying down with their feet lifted in the air. These were the amounts paid by the Dutchman to Cambodian children if they agreed to be photographed naked. He made 1,292 pictures. Last Tuesday, Nico S. was arrested in the Cambodian city Siem Reap.

Assistance in arrest

Our local partner organization Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) received a message from an informant in December last year that the Dutchman was potentially making child pornography. APLE helped the Cambodian police gather information for the investigation and identify suspected victims.

Nude pictures found on iPad and photocamera

The Cambodian police arrested the Dutchman on Tuesday afternoon while photographing naked boys aged eleven to fifteen years old at the lakeside Aranh Sakor, Sangkat Siem Reap. The police found and seized a digital camera and an iPad. On the camera the police found pictures of children which confirmed the suspicion. Seven boys have confirmed the abuse. The police and APLE are still looking for other potential victims. None of the boys said to be physically abused by Nico S.

Close contacts with family of victims

The man frequented the village and spoke enough Khmer to communicate with the boys. He had close contacts with the victims' families. Nico S. seduced the boys to come to a quiet place where he asked them to pose naked for a couple of dollars. He offered in-kind support to some of the boys. The boys were not educated and had no idea that what the Dutchman did was illegal.

Sexual exploitation of children in Asia

APLE is a partner of Terre des Hommes in the program against sexual exploitation of children in Asia. APLE ensures that victims of sexual exploitation in Cambodia get the right psychological help and that they are legally assisted during the legal process.

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