International premiere of documentary ‘Children of the Webcam’

Today the documentary ‘Children of the Webcam’ will be shown in Manila, capital of the Philippines, to an audience of no less than six hundred men. The documentary about online sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines was established in close cooperation with Terre des Hommes. The public today consists mainly of employees of the Philippine police, civil servants and journalists.


Sexual exploitation

The documentary shows how a Belgian investigative journalist went undercover in the world of online webcam sex with children. His research was being filmed by a Dutch filmmaker. In the documentary several arrests took place and children were freed.

A ‘Dutch’ version of the documentary was aired on October 18, 2016 on Dutch national tv and caused a stir in The Netherlands. Several national media covered the story and a meeting with the Committee on Safety and Justice took place. This meeting turned out to be a good prelude to the approval of the amendment of the Dutch Computer Crime Act III, that now enables the Dutch police force to use virtual children in the investigation and possible prosecution of online child sex abusers. A good example of such a digital creation is Sweetie, a virtual Filipino girl with which Terre des Hommes tracked down 1000 online child abusers in ten few weeks time in 2013.


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