IOC includes human rights in host city contract Olympic Games

The move by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to incorporate human rights principles in its Host City Contract could help prevent major abuses by future Olympic hosts, says the Sport and Rights Alliance (SRA) of which Terre des Hommes is a member. The revised Host City Contract, developed with recommendations from a coalition of leading rights, transparency, and athletes’ organizations, was finalized in January 2017 and will first apply to the 2024 Summer Olympics.


Children's rights

For the first time, the IOC has included explicit reference to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), which outline the human rights responsibilities of businesses, as well as references to anti-corruption standards. The Guiding Principles explain how commercial enterprises should assess human rights risks, take effective steps to avoid human rights problems, and ensure a remedy for abuses that occur in spite of those efforts.

From paper to practice

“The new reference to the human rights guiding principles and anti-corruption standard certainly constitutes a groundbreaking step by the IOC in the right direction,” said Marc Joly, Head of the Children Win campaign at Terre des Hommes. “However, the tougher part starts now: how will this change on paper be translated by the IOC and the Host City into meaningful and concrete changes on the ground ? The SRA will take a constructive but close look at this next development.”

Harm to children

Mega Sporting Events like the Olympic Games should never harm children. Yet every time major sporting events are organised, children are chased from the streets, evicted from their homes or see their education deteriorate or disappear because money goes to the construction of stadiums, infrastructure and property.

With the international 'Children Win!' campaign, Terre des Hommes addresses the social consequences of mega sporting events for children from poor communities. Terre des Hommes calls on sport governing bodies to include child rights, as part of the decision for awarding any mega sporting event and as an explicit obligation in contracts with the host city or country.



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