Negotiators, protect children from climate change

You can hear a pin drop in the Binnenhof. Next to nothing has been released regarding the discussions between VVD, D66, CDA and Groenlinks about a possible coalition. Terre des Hommes wants one very important topic to be taken into those negotiations: the climate.

Children's rights

Climate change affects children directly: they die from drought, storms or floods, or whilst they are on the run for one of those three. If the next government wants to protect children, fighting climate change can not be missing as a chapter in the coalition agreement.

Required by Climate Change Agreement

The Netherlands is obliged to do so, because the Paris Climate Change Agreement was approved. In it, our country promised to compete against global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also written in the agreement is that developing countries will be assisted financially to adapt to impacts of climate change. From 2020 all developed countries would jointly pay $100 billion a year to developing countries.

Not on track

Little has come of these commitments. In order to meet the requirements, the government needs to strongly increase measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to get our help to developing countries up to standard.

Children are the victims

Meanwhile, children in developing countries are confronted with the consequences of climate change: the soil is too dry to grow crops, there is no grass to feed the cattle, cattle dying, shortage of water or the opposite - too much water – which results in children seeing their houses destroyed by mudslides. Children are forced to flee, looking for a place where life is still possible. But often not without danger. Many children die on the run, by malnutrition, dehydration, illness, violence or an accident (like the many capsized boats on the Mediterranean Sea).

An unmissable opportunity

Negotiators now have the opportunity to make a difference for these children by demonstrating they take the Climate Change Agreement seriously and follow it to the letter. For every party that takes children’s rights seriously, it is an unmissable opportunity.

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