Terre des Hommes cooperates in VPRO investigation into missing children

At least 7,024 refugee children went missing from asylum centres in Europe in 2017. Terre des Hommes joins the search, looking for children who are sexually abused.

Lost in Europe, a new research journalism collective started by VPRO radio show Argos, commits itself to understand better the (sexual) exploitation of minor asylum seekers in Europe. Research showed that at least 7,024 asylum seeking children disappeared from European asylum centres in 2017. Terre des Hommes cooperates with the WATCH research unit on online research into possible sexual exploitation of these missing children.

Data bootcamp

WATCH forensic ICT specialists participated in the data boot camp which was held in Amsterdam last week. During the boot camp journalists, scientists and ICT specialists analysed figures and reports on the missing children from various European countries. Terre des Hommes will continue to support the research which will take place in the months ahead, using its forensic ICT specialists.

Read more about the research on the VPRO website

You can listen to the 27 October broadcast on the website of Radio1.

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