Kamermeerderheid wil actie tegen webcamseks met kinderen

Majority Dutch parliament supports action against webcamsex with children


A considerable majority in parliament urges the Dutch government to take action against sexual exploitation of children through the internet. Particularly in the Philippines, thousands of children are sexually abused in front of a webcam, commissioned by foreign men who pay substantial amounts for it. This phenomenon, known as cybersex in the Philippines, spreads like an epidemic, the age of it

Nelmo Newsong ambassador Terre des Hommes Netherlands in East Africa

Nelmo Newsong ambassador for Terre des Hommes Netherlands


Former beneficiary Nelson Munyiri (also known as Nelmo Newsong) has become the first ever ambassador for Terre des Hommes Netherlands in the East African region. As our ambassador, Nelson is committed to create awareness for our fight against child exploitation. Terre des Hommes Netherlands is proud to welcome this upcoming artist as our ambassador.

Winston Gerschtanowitz Terre des Hommes Nepal

Dutch celebrity unmasks child sex tourist in Nepal


"I wanted to kick in that door. But then I would have ruined the whole research." Winston Gerschtanowitz swallows. The Dutch actor and presenter just met a child sex tourist. The Dutch Postal Code Lottery Goodwill Ambassador traveled to Nepal. There he joined the Terre des Hommes Netherlands research team who shadows suspected child abusers and collects evidence against them.

Australian sentenced to 15 years for sexually abuse of Balinese Girls Terre des Hommes Indonesia

Australian sentenced to 15 Years for sexual abuse of Balinese girls


A 70-year-old former Melbourne man, was found guilty of sexually abusing eleven girls and sentenced to a 15-year jail term. The decision was made by judges at Bali’s Denpasar District Court and believed to be the heaviest custodial sentence in the history of Bali for such crimes.

Sweetie Terre des Hommes "lure child"

Dutch criminal law too limited for use Sweetie


The Dutch police cannot use virtual girl Sweetie to detect webcam sex tourists. This is because of limitations of the legal framework, conclude researchers from the University of Leiden and Tilburg University.

Dutchman suspected of webcamsex with Filippino children after undercover investigation by filmmakers


Last week the police seized the computer of a 43-year-old resident of Amstelveen in The Netherlands who is suspected of livestream child abuse. The online abuse was revealed by an undercover investigation of a Belgian investigative journalist and a Dutch filmmaker.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands involved in draft Children’s Bill in Kenya

Terre des Hommes Netherlands involved in draft Children’s Bill in Kenya


In Kenya, the Children Act of 2001 is currently being reviewed and redrafted to align it with the amended Constitution of 2010. Even though legislation initiatives are mandated to government and parliament, the process is open for public participation.

Noodhulp in Syrië broodnodig Terre des Hommes Foto: AFP 2016/  Khalil Mazraawi

Emergency aid is indispensable in Aleppo


The situation in east Aleppo is critical. There is a shortage of everything, from food and water to medicines and blankets. Terre des Hommes distributes food packages to refugees who have managed to reach west Aleppo and is raising funds for the next shipment of food packages.

Terre des Hommes mica India business event

Terre des Hommes gets important mica players around the table


It is for the first time in the Netherlands that companies from different sectors will work together to eradicate child labour in the mica mines of India. Today, in an initiative of Terre des Hommes, multinationals and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met to explore the possible ways of working together.


Terre des Hommes aangesloten bij internationale alliantie om geweld tegen kinderen te stoppen

Terre des Hommes joins Global Partnership to End Violence against Children


Terre des Hommes has joined the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children. The alliance aims to eliminate violence against children by 2030.