Resultaat 2017: meer dan 6 miljoen kinderen in 67 landen wereldwijd geholpen

Result 2017: over six million children helped in 67 countries worldwide

In 2017, we helped over six million children in 67 countries worldwide. Read the annual report 2017 of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation.

Two French men arrested on the suspicion of sexually abuse in Nepal

Two French men arrested on the suspicion of sexual abuse in Nepal


The Nepalese police have arrested two French men (38 and 42 ) in Kathmandu, on the suspicion of having sexually abused several boys aged 10 to 14 years old.

Collaboration in combat sexual exploitation of children in Indonesia

Collaboration to combat sexual exploitation of children in Indonesia


In Indonesia, a country with more than 17,000 islands and over 300 ethnic groups, the collaboration at national and local level is crucial to combat the sexual exploitation of children.

Research on industrial use of materials not complete

Research on industrial use of materials not complete


Last week a research report initiated by the electronics and car industries was published, in which the industrial importance of 37 materials was researched, along with the impact on environmental and social issues. Terre des Hommes welcomes this research, but concludes that it insufficiently makes use of existing sources and data of the industries themselves.

 Nieuwe Don't Look Away campagne van start tegen kindersekstoerisme

New 'Don't Look Away' campaign against child sex tourism kicks off

After 100 serious reports on through the annual campaigns of Don't Look Away, a new campaign kicks off on Monday 16 July. During the 2018 summer holidays we also rely upon the alertness of travellers, tour operators and other witnesses worrying about adults possibly abusing children abroad.

Mercedes-Benz puts mica mineral high on child labour risk list

Mercedes-Benz puts mica mineral high on child labour risk list


Mercedes-Benz gives mica mineral top priority on the list of 50 raw materials associated with risks relating to human rights violations, including child labour. An audit team of the car producer has investigated the situation in three Indian mines and has mapped out the supply chain from mine to end product.

Ook seksdate met virtueel minderjarige nu strafbaar

Sex date with virtual minor now also punishable

Terre des Hommes is glad the bill 'Computer criminality III' was passed by the Dutch Upper Chamber this afternoon. Whoever sets up a sex date online with a minor – and is aware it concerns a minor – is punishable by law from now on. Also in case an adult is hidden behind the profile or advert on the Internet.

Destination Unknown concerned by the situation at the US border

Destination Unknown concerned by the US border situation

Destination Unknown, a network of over 100 organisations worldwide, coordinated by Terre des Hommes, is very concerned by the current situation at the US border with Mexico and the traumatic and detrimental effect it is having on children.

sexual exploitation colombia children bogota

Hotel owners: protecting children is profitable


Hotel owners both from local medium enterprises and big multinationals agreed: implementing a  protective environment for children leads to more profit. They made the statements during the Global Summit on Child Protection in Travel and Tourism in Bogotá. Several companies were discussing with CSO’s ways to protect children during a session of the Down to Zero Alliance.

TdH NL supports Cambodia’s 69th annual International Children’s Day


TdH NL supported the 69th annual International Children’s Day, hosted by the Cambodian National Council for Children (CNCC) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on May 31, 2018.