Kinderhandel bij gemeenten Noord-Holland nog te weinig in beeld Terre des Hommes stopt kinderuitbuiting

Municipalities in the province of North-Holland pay insufficient attention to child trafficking


In the province of North-Holland there has been a decline in the number of registered victims of child sexual exploitation. According to mayor Piet Bruinooge of Alkmaar, only 15 per cent of them are visible.

Positieve resultaten onderzoek naar alternatieve zorg voor kinderen in Azië

Positive results research into alternative care for children in Asia


Research has shown that eight shelters for children that Terre des Hommes collaborates with, comply with the required high standards.

Burgemeester van Den Haag bezoekt Terre des Hommes

Mayor of The Hague visits Terre des Hommes


Today the mayor of The Hague, Pauline Krikke, visited Terre des Hommes' office. The working visit is part of her getting acquainted with the city. Terre des Hommes had a first. It was Mrs Krikke's first visit to an NGO based in The Hague in the exercise of her function as mayor.

Onderzoek naar kwetsbaarheid van kinderen in Noord-Kenia Terre des Hommes

Research into vulnerability of children in northern Kenya


Terre des Hommes will conduct a research how the conditions for children have changed due to the recent economic and administrative developments in the Marsabit region in northern Kenya.

Gilrs Not Brides Alliantie krijgt Geuzenpenning voor strijd tegen kindhuwelijken terre des hommes

Girls Not Brides awarded 'Geuzenpenning' for the fight against child marriages


The 2018 Geuzenpenning (Beggars' medal) was awarded to Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage. This was announced by the Geuzenpenning foundation on Friday. Princess Mabel of Orange, chairwoman of Girls Not Brides, and executive director Lakshmi Sundaram will receive the award.

‘Eerste jaar Loverboymeldpunt WATCH Nederland succesvol’ Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

‘First year Loverboy hotline WATCH Nederland successful’


During the first year of its existence, WATCH Netherlands, hotline and research bureau for sexual exploitation of minors in the Netherlands, including loverboy activities, received 131 reports. Following a first screening for indicators of human trafficking (the criminal offence that covers sexual exploitation), 61 reports prompted intensive investigation by WATCH Netherlands.

Kenia: Forse toename seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen door droogte Terre des Hommes Giro555

Kenya: Increase in sexual exploitation of children due to drought


Since the beginning of this year, there has been a marked increase in the number of children (mainly young girls) that are being sexually exploited in Lodwar, Turkana’s capital. It is estimated that the number of victims has increased from 50 to 500.

Watch Nepal pakt seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen door toeristen aan Terre des Hommes

Watch Nepal tackles sexual exploitation of children by tourists


Together with four local partners in Kathmandu, Terre des Hommes wants to tackle sexual exploitation of Nepalese children by tourists and other travellers.

43.000 Rohingya vluchtelingen geholpen vluchtkinderen Bangladesh Myanmar Terre des Hommes noodhulp

Humanitarian aid for 43.000 Rohingya refugees


Humanitarian aid by Terre des Hommes has reached 43,000 Rohingya refugees in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Eerste Kamer, zeg nee tegen kinderarbeid Terre des Hommes

Senate: Say no to child labour


Children have made many of the products in Dutch shops. Even the worst forms of child labour (involving heavy, hazardous and unhealthy labour) can be found in products, such as food, clothing, electronics and cosmetics. Child labour does not disappear by itself, as is demonstrated by the latest counts of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).