Being rescued it’s only the first step for those children who had been victims of abuse and exploitation. This first step leads to a long journey which can take years or even their whole life
Sexual exploitation
From 13 to 15 years old, Ruth was a victim of Online Sexual Exploitation. In 2015, she was rescued by the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking in the Philippines together with other nine children survivors. She was sheltered temporarily and assisted with counseling, legal and educational support.
After two years of continuous assistance, in 2017, Ruth was enrolled in High School.
Some might think Ruth’s nightmare was over, but this was just the first step on her recovery journey.
Despite protected and legally assisted by Terre des Hommes Netherlands and its partners, Ruth legal case is still pending. In the meantime, she’s being helped with reintegration services and her case is being studied to provide her with further educational and livelihood assistance for her and her family.
Four years since her rescue, Ruth still needs support to continue her journey to a normalized life. Terre des Hommes Netherlands is accompanying thousands of children through this journey and assists them in each step they make. It’s a long journey but we left no one behind.
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