Our plans for 2018

We want to do more for vulnerable children. To this end we will strengthen the collaboration with organisations, sponsors, companies, partners, police and judicial authorities. This will be a key priority. Here are some of our plans for 2018:


De strijd tegen seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen Terre des Hommes

Terre des Hommes continues the fight against sexual child exploitation. We are committed to saving child victims and providing them with legal assistance. We also ensure they recover from their traumatic experience and go back to school. Find out more about how we address sexual child exploitation >>

Kinderarbeid bestrijden in micamijnen Terre des Hommes

We continue to investigate child labour, for example during mica mining. The research results help us in our fight against child labour. Find out more about how we address child labour in the Indian mica mines >>

Syrische vluchtkinderen terug naar school Terre des Hommes

We will more actively protect refugee children in the Middle East. We will arrange for a safe place and education and will try to prevent them from becoming victims of child exploitation during the chaos of their flight and in the refugee camps. Find out more about our support to Syrian refugee children >>