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Sexual exploitation of children in Asia

Many children in Asia live in poverty. They are vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Tourists book holidays to have sex with them. Men search the internet for child sexual abuse material and prey on children. Perpetrators often go unpunished. We fight against child sexual exploitation in Asia. We provide children a safe place so they can go to school. We give them medical and psychological care. We help families earn better incomes. We take political actions. We assist governments and police in better complying with laws and tracking perpetrators. We fight against child abuse. Join our fight.

Men prey on children from poor areas in Asia

Adults seeking sex with children are drawn to Asia. Plane tickets are cheap. Internet connectivity is good. In parts of Asia, many children live in poverty and do not go to school. Sexual abuse of these children is rampant.

Police and governments usually do little. Rarely are they well organized or able to help each other. We take a stand against child sexual exploitation in Asia. We provide information, education and medical and psychological help. We take political actions. We also employ detectives to help track and punish perpetrators. 

Join our fight. Stop child sexual exploitation in Asia.

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Goals sexual exploitation of children in Asia

We focus on children that are either victims of child sex tourism and online abuse, or are vulnerable to it. In this programme we also focus on their families and communities. The results of our programme obviously need to be sustainable. This is why we also involve ministries (such as health, education and justice) and international and civil society organisations, the media, banks and tourism and ICT companies in our work. Our objectives for the coming three years are: 

  • 11,000 children and 20,000 adults receive information about the dangers of child sex tourism and online sexual abuse
  • 6,000 children that are at risk of becoming a victim are going to school
  • 1,200 families are helped with finding other sources of income, so children no longer have to earn money via the webcam or sex with tourists.
  • We develop four education methods, in which we explain how to safely use the Internet
  • We cooperate with 250 companies to tackle child sex tourism and online sexual abuse
  • 3,700 victims receive legal aid
  • 700 victims are enabled to go back to school, or to receive vocational training
  • We have developed 25 strategies to improve government policy in the field of child sex tourism and online sexual abuse
  • 1,500 police staff, judges and district attorneys have learned how to track down perpetrators
  • 250 child sex tourists are tracked down and have been arrested.


Child sexual exploitation in Asia is a big problem, caused by many factors. Terre des Hommes fights for better protection of children who are abused and at risk. We do this largely through danger awareness-raising among children. But there is much more.

We teach children about internet safety. Offline, we provide them a safe place, where they get shelter, medical help and a chance to process their experiences. 

We provide professional skills training, so children can escape poverty. We also provide legal support in their dealings with the police. In turn, the police can work on tracking the perpetrators. 

Including children’s communities in our work is crucial. We inform parents about what they can do to better protect their children. We help families make better incomes so children no longer have to make money through sex online or offline.

We train police and governments to cooperate and better handle circumstances. We advise politicians on how best to combat child sexual exploitation.

We engage businesses, such as travel agencies, hotels, internet and telephone companies, since their services enable perpetrators. We do everything in our power to stop child sexual exploitation in Asia. Join our fight. 

Our approach is working

A community with more attention to the rights of children – girls first and foremost
We have worked hard for more protection for the girls of the Kuria people. It is nice to see that our approach is paying off in Tanzania. The results are promising.

Awareness raising

Alternative rituals

Laws and regulations

Female genital mutilation


Keep up with us, keep up the fight

Follow our fight against sexual exploitation of children. Keep an eye on our social media. 

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