Yes, I want to stop child labour in Asia


Stop child labour in Asia

Collapsing mines, fatal pulmonary disease, working in the sweltering sun. This is daily reality for thousands of children who work in India’s mica mines. Kanchan (10) is one of those children. Together with her family, she is working in the dangerous mines. This allows the family to earn just enough to eat, but as a consequence Kanchan and her sisters rarely go to school.

41 million children are forced to work

In Asia, there are about 41 million children like Kanchan. Child labour has major repercussions. Children suffer physically and mentally and often don’t go to school. This makes it even harder to escape from poverty. Terre des Hommes puts an end to the worst forms of child labour, like slavery, heavy domestic work as well as work that endangers health and safety, such as work in clothing and shoe factories, on rubber and sugar cane plantations and in the shrimp industry.

Your invaluable support

Terre des Hommes protects children like Kanchan. We help them go to school or engage in vocational training and we help families to increase their earnings. Through education we raise awareness of the risks of child labour and we collaborate with companies so that they eliminate the use of child labour. We provide child labourers medical and psychological aid, shelter and legal support. We also lobby governments to put an end to child labour.

Your help makes a difference. Help children like Kanchan. Stop child labour in Asia. Donate now!






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