Child trafficking happens all over the world. Innocent children are forced into prostitution, drug trafficking or begging. They work in agriculture or as domestic slaves. Young children are also victim of illegal adoption.  

How does Terre des Hommes fight child trafficking?

Terre des Hommes protects children against trafficking by providing education, shelter and medical care. Next to this we train local law enforcers to track and sentence child traffickers.

Terre des Hommes focusses on 'children on the move': children that are displaced because of political tension or social-economic circumstances. Children that are on the run. These children are extremely vulberable to fall into the hands of child traffickers. Terre des Hommes protects these children by:

  • Terre des Hommes supports children who are 'on the move' for socio-economic and political reasons;

  • We focus primarily on strengthening the home situation, to make sure that they will not leave their safe environment. Here, our focus is on education and increasing family income;

  • The dangers of migrating children are a point of interest that we want to make entire communities aware of. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the common structure to ensure that parents pay attention to their own children as well as each other's children. In many communities, we have established effective parent committees; 

  • We help victims of child trafficking by taking them away from the situation and by offering them a safe haven where they receive counseling and education. Ultimately, we want to reunite children with their families and reintegrate them into society.

What is child trafficking?

Child trafficking is the trade of children aiming to exploit them sexually, as domestic slaves, as drug traffickers or other forms of illegal labour. 

How does child trafficking start?

Child trafficking exists all over the world and in many forms. It is often caused by poverty: desperate parents sell their children hoping to earn some money for a better living. Child trafficking also happens without consent of the parents or they can be forced to sell their children. Sometimes children leave 'voluntarily', seduced by false promises of a better future elswhere. 

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