terre des hommes Netherlands in Bangladesh

Many children in Asia often start working at a young age. In many cases, they work as housekeeper or labourer at the rice fields and plantations, or end up in working at hazardous places such as mines. At nine, Amrita from Bangladesh left home and worked as housemaid at Mrs. Maya’s. Fortunately, Mrs Maya supports Amrita to go to school. Read more

terre des hommes netherlands in India

In 2016, as a result from Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ combating sexual exploitation of children programme in India, at least 38 parents from eight villages decided not to include their young girls in Devadasi system and allow them to go back to school. Read more

Terre des Hommes Netherlands in Asia

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is a Dutch organisation based in The Hague, founded in 1965 as a non-profit organisation. As a child rights organisation, we are committed to stopping child exploitation. Learn more about us.