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2nd International Conference on Child Protection (ICCP) in Africa

November 30th, 2023

Terre des Hommes Netherlands Kenya team was privileged to take part in the 2nd International Conference on Child Protection (ICCP) in Africa from 22nd to 24th November 2023 at Daystar University, Nairobi County, Kenya.

TdH NL Kenya team at the ICCP Conference

Violence Against Children - From Evidence to Action

The 2nd International Conference on Child Protection (ICCP) in Africa, centred around the theme "Violence Against Children - From Evidence to Action," attracted more than 400 delegates, including Government officials, CSOs representatives, technocrats, Researchers, academia, Local Council Chairpersons, and most importantly, children.

This significant event brought together key actors and stakeholders in the field of Child Protection from over 20 Countries in Africa and beyond. It focused on addressing violence against children which is a menace at both regional and global level.

Knowledge Sharing

Participants shared and interrogated existing evidence and charted pathways to ending violence against children in the interest of creating safer environments. They also identified proven innovative practices and emerging good practices as evidence to inform policy, legislation and program changes in the best interest of children in Africa.

Insightful Presentations

Our dedicated staff members, Dennis Ratemo, Programme Manager, Kenya, Caroline Parmet, Programme Officer, Lilliane Mutuku, MEAL officer, and Evans Munga, Project Manager, took the stage to present insights from their abstract papers, covering essential thematic topics and programmes namely:

  • Reduction in prevalence of Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation among children
  • Nature, prevalence and distinguishing characteristics of child sexual exploitation in Naivasha and Gilgil, Kenya
  • Safety for Children and their rights Online
  • Action against Child labour in the service industry in Kenya 

They also took part in different sessions to gain knowledge from other child protection experts.

Powerful statements

¨The Government’s efforts to protect children continue through scaling up child-inclusive social protection services, facilitating accessible child-friendly justice system and enhancing mechanisms for online child protection. ¨ Hon. Florence Bore, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection - Kenya

¨I acknowledge and give thanks to the Government and all actors who work with children and for children. Leaders should listen to our bitter song, take our claims and concerns seriously, and address harmful practices.¨ President of the Kenya Children´s Assembly

“To effectively address violence against children, we need to embrace the systemic change approach to address both the social and economic vulnerability while addressing the complex interplay of the root causes in the Child’s ecological system.” Dennis Ratemo, Programme Manager, Kenya.

¨Multisectoral collaboration between key stakeholders is crucial for effectively responding to and addressing the issues of keeping children safe from OCSE.¨Caroline Parmet, SCROL Programme Officer, Kenya

We must ensure that families and communities have the capacity to provide for the needs of children and care for them because they have a responsibility to protect children against child labour.¨ Evans Munga, Project Manager, Child Labour, Kenya.


The team had a designated exhibition booth where they showcased vibrant colorful drawings created by children during the SCROL art event along with various TdH NL communication materials. This space allowed for meaningful networking and interaction with participants, offering an opportunity for us to share more about our impactful work and all our projects in Kenya.

This conference provided a vital platform for Terre des Hommes Netherlands team to share intervention strategies, innovative practices, and evidence on the prevention of child exploitation with key child protection actors and stakeholders, who can actively contribute to developing sustainable solutions in the fight against child exploitation.

2nd International Conference on Child Protection (ICCP) in Africa

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