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Blossoming Flower- A powerful poem by a She Leads Girls Advocate

April 13th, 2022

Through the She Leads Programme, Girls have been empowered to be advocate for the rights of their fellow peers. Here is one of the powerful poems shared by one of the She Leads Girls Advocate.


Blossoming Flower

See, in the society I grew up in, 

Being born a girl is seen as a grief, an utter mistake. 

Considered useless in all things but one, bringing in wealth through marriage. 

We are raised not to lead, but to be led. 

Nurtured to be someone’s property and slave. 

We are left caged in the shadows, and defined as weak.

Silence became our daily bread, for as a girl, you dare not speak!

And how dare you think you could decide for your own self?

It was a disgrace!

Men decided.

Men who hadn’t lived a day in your shoes. 

It is them that wrote the script of your life.

We were blossoming flowers, but society lets us wither. 

Then in came a light in society.

A strong and mighty woman, her name She Leads. 

She picked up and watered us, the withered flowers. 

And look,

We are blossoming again,

in beautiful colors. 

Giving us a platform to speak out. 

Letting our voices be heard.

She held our hand. 

Ohh, I can assure you, 

timid and shy don’t define us anymore.

We are bold and exude confidence. 

We are statement-making women.

We stand out. 

Empowered to decide is what we are.

We are taking over the world like it’s a piece of cake. 

And that, 

right there, 

is the power of She Leads.

Poem by Joanne, She Leads Girls Advocate

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