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Lizy, the aspiring police officer

November 5th, 2021

Lizy has been in the care of her grandmother since she was four years old after the death of her parents. Her grandmother ensured that she got an education and last year, 15-year-old Lizy finally completed her primary education in September 2020. As she waited for her results, while still living with her grandmother, her older brother who works as a construction technician sent bus fare for her to go to visit him in one of Tanzania´s towns.

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Unexpected turn of events

Lizy was excited as she thought she would be living with her brother before her results were out and subsequently proceed to high school. Instead, she was shocked when her brother told her that he had found her work as a domestic worker. ¨My brother told me that he had found a domestic job for me in Ukerewe Island so that I could earn money for my secondary education.¨ Lizy was told she would be earning around 11.17 Euros per month. Disappointed, her brother then put her on a ship and instructed the ship crew to hand her over to a woman once the ship docked. When the ship reached the other side of the island, the ship crew handed her over to her would-be employer.

Unkept promises

As soon as Lizy got to her employer’s house, she was briefed on all the tasks she was expected to do. Her employer had promised her brother that she would take care of her high school expenses as long as she continued working for her. However, even after Lizy got her examination results and passed, months went by without knowing what to do next. After almost nine months of hard work, being verbally and physically abused, Lizy bravely confronted her employer who told her that she had no plans of taking her to high school and that she should continue working. As all this was slowly unfolding, Lizy´s brother was not aware. Lizy then made a decision to run away and sought help from a neighbour who referred her to our partner, Kiwohede.

Huge relief

At the centre, the case was reported to the police and the social district welfare. Lizy was admitted at the Kiwohede shelter and provided with basic needs, medical support, counselling, dignity pack and legal aid since she had not been paid her dues for the nine months she had worked. She was also taught about life skills and child trafficking & its effects.

Aspiring police officer

After spending almost two months at the shelter, Lizy was reintegrated back to her family. Her brother and grandmother were sensitised about child trafficking and its dangers. They were also encouraged to support Lizy with her school especially after she received further educational support. She was enrolled in school and received scholastic materials (school uniform, a bag and stationery). Speaking about the different forms of help she received, Lizy narrates, ¨The assistance helped me to be free from a harsh and abusive environment and to proceed with my studies which will help me to achieve my dream.¨ As for her future dreams, Lizy aspires to be a police officer. She wants to protect other children from child abuse and arrest those who exploit children.

I want to know more about child trafficking and unsafe migration
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