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Meet Dawa, our Youth Advocate

August 17th, 2023

Meet Dawa, our Youth Advocate from Nepal. A psychology student with an interest in human development, Dawa is extremely enthusiastic to bring about change in communities and in herself. We interviewed Dawa and here's more about her.

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Q and A with Dawa

    Why did you decide to become a youth advocate?                          

    I have always been passionate about engaging with young individuals and effecting positive changes in their lives. Witnessing the transformative influence that advocates can exercise on the youth has motivated me to embrace the role of a youth advocate. I believe that every young person deserves to have someone in their corner who believes in them and is willing to fight for them. Through my commitment as a youth advocate, I aspire to embody that unwavering support for a multitude of young people.

    What is your role in the SCROL project?

    As a youth changemaker, my role in SCROL is as a mediator between the children and authorized organizations or various bodies to advocate for a safe online space.

    What is your best moment as a youth advocate?

    I consider every moment as the best moment because as a youth advocate, I can provide mentorship, guidance, and resources. I spread awareness to children against online exploitation and help them from all sorts of psychological trauma.

    What is your proudest achievement as a youth advocate?

    All my work on the field. These include successful capacity building of children, advocacy campaigns, and contributing to mitigating online exploitation. These are my proudest achievements not only as being youth advocate but also as an educated person of this country and contributing to the best interest of children.


    What are the 3 main challenges you face?

    Some of the key challenges faced in combating online exploitation are Rapid Technological Advancements, Privacy Concerns and convincing people that online exploitation among children is real and does exist.


    What is the one most crucial problem you want to solve in terms of online exploitation?

    One of the most crucial problems to solve in terms of online exploitation is cyberbullying. Use of digital communication tools, such as social media, text messaging, and online forums, to harass, threaten, or intimidate individuals, often with the intention of causing emotional distress. It can have serious and lasting effects on victims, particularly among children.


    What is your vision for a world free of online exploitation?

    My vision for a world free of online exploitation involves creating a digital environment that prioritizes safety, privacy, and ethical behaviour. I visualize International cooperation among governments, organizations, and tech companies as vital to combat online exploitation. Shared best practices, information exchange, and collaborative initiatives help create a unified front against digital abuse.

    How can the government/law authorities support youth advocacy?

    They can support us in several ways, first governments or law authorities should accept our enthusiasm and eagerness to bring change.  They can grant the funds, collaborate with youth advocates to develop policies and regulations, keeping the  youth representatives on advisory boards, committees, and decision-making bodies to ensure that young people's perspective


    Your message to other youth :

    In the digital age, the internet has transformed how we connect, learn, and express ourselves. However, alongside its incredible benefits, there are risks that we must be vigilant against, particularly the threat of online exploitation. As the generation that has grown up with technology, we have the power to shape a safer and more respectful online world for children.

    Read about the SCROL project
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